Other Fun Links

An eclectic melange of vintage collectibles that I’m a reseller for in my eBay store, ServiceFirstAuctions. I have another eBay account (star.ocean) that I sold retro video games on for years, but it’s not as active as an account.

I’m  2017-2019 Yelp Elite member ; I love writing dopey little reviews of places.

Follow My IG and you’ll recognize a lot of the same drawings pop up from time to time there; whenever I can incorporate a bar into a doodle, just depends on what I start with first; the eating or the drawing part.

Recipe reviews from my AllRecipes’ profile Rocklobster, written in haiku, and accompanied by photographs. (I’m neither a good poet, nor a great photographer, nor a particularly skilled cook, but I do love trying out new recipes!)

Lastly, I’m not able to link the website I work for, where I moderate message boards for a UK-based investments site. Under a cloak of anonymity lest I be accused of insider trading, I’m an Admin who’s more like a teacher on an elementary school playground, having to keep the riff-raff in line when they’re posting about stocks. It allows me to work from home or anywhere my laptop goes, which has its ups and downs.

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