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“It unleashes the awesome power of apples, I’m told.”Greetings & welcome to one hungry gal’s quest to try as many protein, fiber, granola, energy, and meal-replacement bars as possible! When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I found myself craving daily quick-fix bars and the more that I perused a rapidly-expanding selection (as my midsection rapidly expanded), the more I wanted to try out different flavors and brands. I’m raisin the bar on an over-crowded variety of bars and will eat my way through as many as I can with an anecdotal side and the occasional doodle well, just because.

I can remember when a small shelf of the cereal aisle was dedicated to granola bars, like the 3 granddaddies, Nature Valley, Quaker Chewy, and Nutri-grain. Whether you wanted squishy cereal and fruit, the chewy oat classic, or the one-bite-&-tiny-shards-go-flying Oats n’ Honey Nature Valley, you weren’t going to come across nearly the selection that has flooded the shelves (and in some cases, aisles) nowadays. From Publix to Kroger, to Whole Foods to Vitamin Shoppe, it is clear that neatly-packaged, convenient bars are very much a part of daily diets.

So many of them are just candy bars masquerading as “healthy” and I only occasionally address nutritional specs on the packaging because my number one raison d’etre is really just taste. If you’re looking to bulk up, lose weight, increase fiber, boost energy or whatever promise the colorful foil wrapper guarantees, I can’t applaud for, or waggle my finger at, those qualities; in fact, I can’t speak at all right now because my mouth is full of a Zone Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar.

The bars that I write about aren’t so off-the-wall that you wouldn’t be able to find them at a chain grocery store, a health store, or Amazon.com. My last Amazon order of a bar was sadly the final round of my beloved discontinued Luna Soft Fiber & Fruit “Dark Chocolate and Raspberry” bars; the box that arrived was triple the cost of what they’d been in the stores, and were one week from their sell-by date, but that didn’t stop me from obliterating them. Otherwise, I try to stick to Kroger, Publix, Walmart and Whole Foods.

So with neither rhyme nor raisin, I’ll mangle a foil package that hopefully delivers a tummy-pleasing snack, snap some pictures, and share my nibbling and noshing experience.

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