Belvita Soft-baked Banana Bread: $3.99/Box of 5/Publix

belvita_softbanana (2)I guess I became accustomed to opening a package of original Belvitas and getting two slender oval “breakfast biscuits” (ohhh who are you marketing folks kidding? Just changing the shape of a bar doesn’t make it a more appropriate breakfast food, or a “biscuit” for that matter! It’s an oval BAR), so I thought that 190 calories for one of these, or in my head 95 for each one upon tearing into it would be pretty great. Imagine my dismay when I opened the package and found one, albeit thick and poofy, Belviata; however, my dismay quickly turned to delight when I sniffed it. I mean, this brown turd REALLY smelled like banana bread!
belvita_softbanana (1)
We don’t all have access to a microwave when we’re out doing whatever it is that we may be doing when a hunger pang sniggles at your belly, but I just had to had to give this Belvita a quick micro’ spin. The reward was it got even softer, (and duh, warmer), and tasted like its namesake. OK there aren’t pieces of overly-ripe bananas or chopped pecans dotting the bar, and it’s more like squishy oat w/ banana (strong) taste, but overall I’d eat one of these again so long as I had the ability to warm it up first. 3/5


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