FiberOne Pumpkin Bar: Box of 6/Target/$2.50

fiberone_pumpkinbar (5)Happy Halloween!! I couldn’t help myself last weekend at Target – from the moment that I walked in the door and smelled Starbucks at the entryway and spied their oversized chalkboard declaring the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte, I fell prey to all things pumpkin and autumnal. Pumpkin muffin mix! Pumpkin chewing gum! Pumpkin candle! Pumpkin mixed nuts! Evergreen air freshener?? Yes, the red-clad Target staff was busying itself siphoning out their Halloween shelves w/ Christmas things already. No no no no. Embrace the pumpkin! Ban the egg nog! (At least for the rest of October!)

So Joanna and I bought FiberOne Pumpkin Bar flavor, and I like that that is what they named it – not Pumpkin Spice or Pumpkin Pie, but simply “Pumpkin Bar.” The icing swirl on this one looks just like the Hostess cupcake loop-de-loop. The texture is just like their other 90 calorie soft bars – perfectly moist and spongey. And the pumpkin flavor doesn’t scream clove-cinnamon-nutmeg! It’s subtle and sweet, and a lovely fall treat, one that I’ll eat while my tastebuds tap a beat. 5/5

fiberone_pumpkinbar (4) fiberone_pumpkinbar (2)

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