FiberLove Chocolate Brownie: $1.99/Whole Foods

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I dare you, nay, I double-dog dare you, to eat a Gnu FiberLove bar without having uncontrollable toots later in the day; elevator-clearing toots, giggle-inducing, or cover-your-nose hideous toots. I love the packaging for FiberLove bars; the artwork is vintage charm, but simple, clean and modern, and they make me want to try each and every flavor, even if said flavor doesn’t appeal to me at all. i.e. “Cranberry Orange” which I will admit, I haven’t gotten around to trying yet. Today’s flavor has become one of my favorites, either straight up from the wrapper, or /drool/ warmed in the microwave. Let me present to you FiberLove Chocolate Brownie. Even with its unusual grainy texture, it manages to spread enough of its chocolate love throughout to convincingly approximate the taste of a brownie. Some of the more peculiar chunkiness I’ll tell myself are chocolate bits, but they’re probably just oats.

It is refreshing that both the ingredients and the nutritional content fit on one side of the wrapper without having to fold or shuffle around seams to see both. And 48% of your daily fiber? Poot away folks! 5/5

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