Balance Caramel Nut Blast: $1/Kroger

balance_caramelnutblast (3)Blast off to … not-so-thrilling flavor. There’s no nutty blast here – just a whiff of caramel and a smidge of nut, and nothing blast-worthy. I don’t know why I keep trying Balance Bars at all. I think I’d rather balance on a balance beam in 7th grade P.E. again. That unfortunate winter semester when I was subjected to gymnastics as the P.E. “theme.” Being leggy, uncoordinated, and lacking any bit of Gumby flexibility, I was the WORST. If there’s a failing grade for P.E., I would’ve gotten it, but the coach had a shred of sympathy for me since she knew my legs would be hustling through track & field come spring. I couldn’t balance on the balance beam, nor do a cartwheel, nor a backbend. I think I can still do a “teapot” when I put my head on the ground and my knees on my elbows? Somersault? Maybe, but never in a straight line, and almost always ending with feet splayed outwards and a dizzying look in my eye. For now, I’ll blast the rest of this bar right into the rubbish and look forward to Louise waking up from her nap and showing me how she rolls. 1/5

balance_caramelnutblast (4) balance_caramelnutblast (2)

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