Quest Banana Nut Muffin: $2.50/Publix

quest_bananamuffin (4)I thought for sure this one would be an easy win for a quick-zap-in-microwave flavor of Quest … I mean, who can resist a warm hug of banana nut carbs? I love all things banana, but the flavor just wasn’t prominent enough. I’m really enjoying the scattering of nut bites, but I need to be careful of where and how I’m biting – have had some toothsome troubles over the past few weeks that resulted in a molar (#14 to be exact) being extracted (chiseled, chipped and jackhammered away to be exact) last week.

My poor mouth is so sore and ulcer-y that the easiest thing I’ve found to eat has been Greek yogurt w/ FiberOne twig cereal crushed and stirred in til it softens. But I am doing my best to get through this Quest bar to rate it fairly, and despite my slow and small nibbles, I’m still just itching for more banana flavor. As far as Quest’s breakfast-ey “baked good” flavors go, Cinnamon Roll still rules supreme b/c that’s how I cinnamon roll. 3/5

quest_bananamuffin (3) quest_bananamuffin (2)

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