Belvita Pumpkin Spice: $3.99/Box of 6/Harris Teeter

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I’m late to board the Pumpkin Spice Mania Train. I’m dangling to the Caboose of Summertime, not quite willing to let go of sunshine and sand (also having just returned from a beach trip) and give into the flavors of fall. Fine, it’s late October and I should be able to accept that it’s fall, but there’s something about pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING that sends me into a Thanksgiving-tailspin. Because once Thanksgiving crosses my mind, then I’ve got to start thinking about /shudder/ Christmas.

I surrendered to Belvita’s Pumpkin Spice beckon when I passed an endcap at the Harris Teeter near where my family was on vacation a couple of weeks ago. I don’t need 4 Hours of Sustained Energy when all I want to do is wake up early and spend as much time on the beach either resting/relaxing or running rampant, so whether or not these fulfill their energetic claim, I don’t know b/c I ate them for the flavor. Like other Belvitas, there are 4 rounded rectangles in a pack, each 60 calories and as crunchy as the next. There’s no texture in this flavor other than just “crunch”, unlike its similar Maple Brown Sugar one that at least has bits of, I don’t know, maple brown sugar chunks. This isn’t an explosive pumpkin taste which I’m OK w/ – I’ll look forward to my traditional pumpkin pie. Still, it’s a good Belvita that I’m glad I picked up, but I won’t be missing it until its return next year so much that I have to stock up. 3/5

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