That’s It. Apple & Cherry: $1.69/Starbucks

thatsit_applecherry (4)This was a tapping-toes, “I’m-waiting-in-a-long-line-at-Starbucks” impulse buy. A basket full of these, near the chocolate-covered coffee beans, grabbed my eye as I waited for my plain, black coffee in a line behind folks w/ 500-calorie, $5 drinks w/ 50 different customized add-ons. I’m not tooting my healthy-horn, but I can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a drink, when I’d rather enjoy my daily calories in chew-form too. Plus, I like a good, strong black coffee.

So I picked up one of these That’s It. (period. I think they should’ve called them “That’s It!” maybe even two exclamation points) in nothing but 1 apple, 10 cherries flavor. It makes me think of this dishtowel that came in a pack of 5 from Costco that we have – it is adorned with cheerful images of peppers, and across the bottom center, it says, “Spicy.” Oh yes, it is Spicy with a Period. Not Spicy! Like that’s-a-spicy chile pepper! And if you don’t fold it in thirds from the outside-in (that sounds like training they go thru for correct corporate folding at the Gap), you don’t see the whole word. So I stick to using the non-peppered dishtowels, and use Spicy. for a dustrag.

This bar is an unadventurous Fruit Roll-up, but I like it. Sure, it’s a little gummy and the only sweetness is that of the fruit, and yes, if I could eat an apple and 10 cherries as conveniently as I can this, I would rather have the actual fruit, but I feel good eating this. I feel good sharing a bite w/ Louise, and wish these weren’t so difficult to come by. I haven’t seen them at my local Starbucks, nor any nearby grocery store, so I guess the next one I have will be another surprise impulse buy. 4/5

thatsit_applecherry (3) thatsit_applecherry (2)

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