Clif Spiced Pumpkin Pie: $1/Kroger

clif_pumpkinpie (3)Ahh yes, Autumn heralds all things dropping leaves, dropping temperatures, and dropping money on pumpkin-flavored mania. Or in my case, dropping jaw on the floor when I see store shelves over-flowing w/ some of the most peculiar of the pumpkin incarnations. Pumpkin English muffins (in all fairness, these turned out to be really good toasted w/ butter. As an accidental tuna melt? Not so much.), pumpkin Twinkies (Hostess, there is no need to add flavoring to cream-filled sponge perfection), pumpkin chewing gum (3 chews in and it tasted like a plain ol’ stick of Big Red.)

I had the pleasure of having my first Clif Spiced Pumpkin Pie bar last year on a road trip to embark on what would be the most amazing Disney Cruise. W/ newborn Louise (Disney had raised their minimum infant age to well over her mere 4 months after my FiL had already booked this trip so thankfully she was able to go along) and Joanna “arewethereyet” in the backseat, we drove about a third of the way to Port Canaveral and stopped in the most pitiful, revolting highway motel. So gross I was inspired to write a very candid Travelodge Trip Advisor about it. Then it got worse w/ Tom grabbing us to-go Zaxby’s from down the road which was limp, luke-warm and lousy, but b/c I’d eaten the Clif bar on the ride (ta—-da!) I wasn’t SO hungry that I had to ingest the floppy fastfood (didn’t Yelp that Zaxby’s; why botherz when their fingerz and zauce was zo-zo.) But the Clif bar, then and now, is still as awesome; from the perfectly-portioned crunchy to squishy bites and rightfully-ratioed nutmeg to cinnamon to clove to the light icing drizzle, this bar is what I imagine a Starbucks PSL (I feel so lame just using the acronym) would taste if solidified and then ran thru a PlayDoh factory. 5/5

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