SouthBeach Good to Go Iced Cinnamon Pecan: $9.49/Box of 5/Kroger

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This would really complement my morning coffee well if it wasn’t for the shards of pecan that want to shatter and spew forth w/ each bite. It reminds me of a crunchier version of those cinnamon rolls that pop out of a can and you schmear the little container of icing on them when they’re warm and gooey from the oven. I guess these are way better for you though. I like the taste even if the cinnamon is a bit on the heavy side, but the texture is what is kind of bothering me.

I would never have bought these if it wasn’t for Kroger’s wackadoodle recent store rearranging that’s seemingly lasting forever.  I couldn’t find squat on my list, from squash to squeezy-tube baby food, but I wandered through what used to be the canned veggie aisle and was now row after row of colorful cereal boxes and granola boxes, and spotted these near the end in a “Diet Food” section which also included some gluten-free baking mixes and low-carb ketchup (diet condiments?) Grabbed on an impulse and for 150 calories, I’m OK w/ this bar as a morning treat, but not as a dessert. 4/5

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