Odwalla Banana Nut: $1/Kroger

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I can see pieces of nuts when I bite into Odwalla’s Banana Nut bar, but they’re not quite big enough for me to get the same sensation of eating banana nut bread. But what may be lacking in the nut-texture in this bar is definitely made up for in the banana taste department.

These emit a very strong, sweet banana smell, which didn’t disappointment, upon my first nibble, to also impart a nice banana taste. I’m known to wait for bananas to ripen to squishy, dark brown splotchy overly-ripe consistency. The type of banana that splooshes out of its darkening peel the moment that you try to unpeel it. I’m so known for my peculiar affection for the overly-ripe banana that I have a “Banana Buddy” in the produce department at Kroger who will track me down in the store w/ the perfect bunch of bananas for me if I couldn’t find them on my own. This bar doesn’t not satisfy that sweet banana taste; however, it DOES remind me of a nice piece of banana bread that just needs a little more crunch to it. Otherwise, a bar that I feel OK chomping for a mid-morning snack. 3/5

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