NuGo Fiber D’lish Blondie: $30/box of 16/Amazon

fiberdlish_blondie (3)A tough call to make, ordering a box of these online, but I just couldn’t find a single retailer carrying Fiber D’lish Blondie Bar, and have been itching to try it out. I wouldn’t say that it was entirely worth the wait on the shipment, nor the price, as I much prefer the Fiber D’Lish Chocolate Brownie. And isn’t a “Blondie” just a brownie that has white chocolate in it, or am I totally mistaken? Regardless (or maybe it’s ‘irregardless’, wacky linguistics!) I don’t taste much chocolate at all, either white, milk, dark, or any other ROYGBIV combination.

So against my better judgement, I placed an order for a box of 16 that I’m stuck w/ now. Fine, I’ll choke them down, they’re not THAT bad, but I’m a little disappointed, and I hope it’s not due to Gnu’s Fiber Love from having been absorbed by NuGo, and the recipe possibly have changed? The soft texture is there, w/ just that bit of bite, but the flavor is so unbelievably …yawn. For the sweeter side of fiber, gimme the Chocolate Brownie one please, and I’ll resist the qwerty-urge to order a large box of any bar again. What I SHOULD’VE done was ordered a Fiber D’lish Variety Pack /bonks self on head. 3/5

fiberdlish_blondie (4) fiberdlish_blondie (2)

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