Balance Yogurt Honey Peanut: $1/Kroger

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I don’t know if it’s having been a child of the 80’s, but Balance Bar Yogurt Honey Peanut reminded me of the yogurt-covered raisins that you would get from the clear plastic flippy-lid bins in the grocery store. The bins that were close enough to the candy bins (oh how I wanted to scoop gummy worms by the pound!) that made you think they were candy, and somehow convinced your parents that they were the lesser of two evils. I mean, raisins or peanuts covered in yogurt couldn’t be all THAT bad for you? And everytime that you were allowed to scoop, your fingers always had to “accidentally” pluck at a few to sniggle into your mouth. OK, grocery stores still have those bins, and wow does the price add up! The last time that I bought from them, I shoveled out some watermelon-flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans and the baggie ended up costing 9 bucks.

So this Balance Bar reminds me of childhood candy that’s not-quite-candy, and that has an off-putting texture. Like the skin around the upper edge of the yogurt carton that is a little crusty. Not for me! 2/5

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