Muscle Brownie Cookies & Cream: $2.99/Whole Foods

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Muwahaha, the label for this thing had me in the giggles in the middle of the heavenly Whole Foods’ bar aisle; hot pink wrapper w/ two crazy afro clown dudes declaring “Eat brownies, get muscles!” The second thing that made me laugh, but not in a cheerful way, is the $2.99 price tag. For that price, I want to be Popeye. No, I want my pin-straight hair to get curly like the guys on the packaging. Then the third thing that made me snicker dryly, is the “servings per container – TWO.” There is ONE brownie in there, folks. At first glance, one sees 170 calories and the rest of the macros and think, “hmm not bad.” The exact same thing happened w/ the soft-baked Fig Bars – ohsodelicious, I ate these things 2-3 times a day when pregnant w/ my last child b/c “WOW, 100 calories!” but nope, it turned out that it was 2 servings, so the 2 little bars in that package were 100 calories a piece. I feel snowed.

Speaking of snow, the ghostly-white drizzle of icing on the top of this brownie is way too sweet and doesn’t work w/ the dense, albeit brownie-like, texture of the bar itself. I have to admit that it tastes pretty good (like Cookies n’ Cream ice cream if I’d dried it and compacted it w/ a slightly sandy finish), but not good enough for the price or the calories and sugar, and the fact that I’ve never seen these things anywhere but at Whole Foods. Part of me regrets not just grabbing the other flavors to also giggle at, but I’ll have to settle for sharing this one w/ my husband and daughter b/c I can’t imagine, according to the label, “munching it, chomping it, or devouring it.” 3/5

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