Clif Zbar Chocolate Chip: $0.69/Kroger

clifzbar_chocchip (1)Just like a dude can eat a Luna bar w/o sprouting boobs, I can eat a Z-bar w/o … my boobs going concave. Eh, I’m still breast-feeding my baby so my ta-tas are in no danger of sinking just yet. I love Z-bars. I love the price, the calorie count, the taste, the texture. They’re pretty much like an original Clif bar, in smaller size, more rectangular (YAY for rectangular food), but significantly easier to chow down for a snack than the Clif bricks. Now if they can just expand the flavor choices …

Chocolate Chip has the drizZle, like the other ones. And the same soft, moist, oat-ey texture that isn’t so dry that it catches in your teeth. I guess the darker spots throughout are chocolate chips, but the overall taste is reminiscent of a soft-baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, so I say give this one a bite! 4/5

clifzbar_chocchip (4) clifzbar_chocchip (2)

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