NuGo Free Vegan Carrot Cake: $1.99/Whole Foods


nugovegan_carrotcake (1)Sticky! Smelly! Cinnamon-ey! This sucker’s heading into the rubbish! This was like stale Rice Krispies dredged in a bath of honey and cinnamon. (And as I type that out, it sounds delicious, but no, it wasn’t.) Keep in mind the “stale” part; a very strange, sponge-ey texture that couldn’t quite be crunchy due to the heavy sticky coating. And the cinnamon was just too much; one little rip in the wrapper and that’s all I could smell, and despite having had a few bites, the cinnamon taste is firmly implanted in my throat and nostrils. I’ve made carrot cakes before, and I’ve used cinnamon and other spices, but this reminded me more of fall and what a spice cake should taste like, and not spring! Easter! Carrots! No, this bar isn’t for me, and there are certainly better-tasting vegan bars available.

nugovegan_carrotcake (4)Having to buy it for $1.99 at Whole Foods isn’t appealing either. Yes, the Whole Foods’ aisle of bars, snacks, cereals, frozen items, coffee, heck, the entire store is one big googly-eyed-drool-fest for me, but it’s not a reasonable place to do an entire round of grocery shopping, so it’s fun to pick up a handful of fun things there from time to time. But unless it’s an all-out meal replacement bar, I’d rather not go above $1.50/each. 1/5




 nugovegan_carrotcake (2)nugovegan_carrotcake (3)

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