Luna S’mores: $1/Kroger

luna_smores (4)The graphics on the overly-metallic wrapper do not approximate what a Smores is to me. I want to see a burnt marshmallow, not that yellow cube next to a brown rectangle, and hark? No representation for the graham cracker in sight? Clif’s got Zbars targeted at kids, and Lunas targeted at woman, but honestly, if the bar tastes good, does it matter your age or sex if you eat it?

The width of the chocolate layer on the bottom of the Smores bar is deceiving, b/c once you bite into it, the 1/4″ wide layer becomes a mere 1/32″, so expect more of the sticky crunchies than the chocolate. I barely get a taste of marshmallow, but the graham cracker and chocolate flavor definitely shine here. Chewy texture is OK with high probability of getting stuck in your teeth, but the flavor is good, and I always seem to feel fairly sated after eating one of these.

But it’s that this one Luna bar has the same amount of sugar as 1/2 a 12 oz. can of Coke and the insanely long list of ingredients that can steer me away from Luna bars, putting them more in the candy bar category than protein bar, although I won’t scoff at the 9 g. of protein in the Smores flavor. I’m here for taste and taste alone, and while I’m not imagining myself cowering from a bad campfire-side ghost story about tap-tapping on the roof of a convertible in my Girl Scout uniform as I eat this, it’s a fairly good nosh-worthy representation of an actual s’more. 4/5

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