Luna Caramel Nut Brownie: $1/Kroger

luna_caramelnutbrownie (3)I want to indulge today, and if ever there was a Luna bar for indulgence, it is this one, especially if its appearance is any indication of how decadent it will taste. Sadly, I am mistaken and the content doesn’t quite meet up to the expectations of its cover. I would think that that gooey caramel, chocolate drizzle-top would be the shizzle but it actually doesn’t taste like a whole lot to me.

There are plenty of other brownie-themed bars out there, and this one just falls flat in comparison to many of the other ones that are more moist (/shudder, I fall into the cringe-at-the-“M”-word-camp), more chocolate-ey, or if caramel is part of their ingredients, more caramel-ey. Oh and I see the nuts dotted throughout, but am not getting enough of their crunch. Boo Luna, boo. You rarely fail me but I think I’d rather eat something really bad for me instead, like, I don’t know, those Little Debbie faux-brownie snack treats that have the vertical indentation down the middle and the nuts on top that you could split in half w/ a cafeteria chum, should you be feeling generous. No, gimme. 3/5

luna_caramelnutbrownie (4) luna_caramelnutbrownie (2)

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