Quest Chocolate Brownie: $2.50/Vitamin Shoppe

quest_chocbrownie (4)There are some flavors of Quest bars that are just stand-out rockstars. From everyone who I’ve talked to, Quest Chocolate Brownie is usually across the board a beloved flavor. But the game-changer for it is when it morphs in a 9-second microwave into gooey chocolatey treat. The softening and warming of what is normally a chalky bar just makes it infinitely better tasting.

quest_chocbrownie (5)Unfortunately, eating it straight from the package is just that – chalky and gritty, and unlike the Quest Double Chocolate Chunk, there are no chocolate bits dotted throughout this one. It’s one uniform chocolate blob, and room temp just doesn’t cut it, so if I have this flavor around, it’ll have to be when there’s a microwave at hand. 4/5




quest_chocbrownie (3) quest_chocbrownie (2)



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