Quest Double Chocolate Chunk: $2.50/Vitamin Shoppe

quest_dblchocchunk (3)This is the most artificially-sweetened of the Quest bars that I’ve tried yet. It’s like when you’re a kid (“and you wanna go ‘Wheeeeeeeee’!” Thank you, ThreeBrain from 2001) and you’re accustomed to regular Coke, and one day you’re given your first taste of Diet Coke and it’s a gag-reaction. Or I don’t know, maybe there are kids out there who like faux- sugars. Anyways, the fake taste in Quest Double Chocolate Chunk is a chalky, heavy one.

quest_dblchocchunk (4)Cosmetically, this is NOT an attractive bar. I’ll take taste over appearances (just ask anybody who’s eaten one of my cakes – they’re always hideously deformed, but delicious) and this one failed in both looks and taste … that is until GAME CHANGER. 9 seconds on the microwave, and I swear I’m eating an oven-fresh brownie. It’s goopy and sticky, but the actual chunks of chocolate, like the bar’s namesake, those chunks well they’re like miniature lava cakes in my mouth. So on the go, no I won’t eat this flavor of Quest again, but w/ a microwave nearby, ohmyyes! 5/5

quest_dblchocchunk (2)

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