Quest Chocolate Peanut Butter: $2.50/Publix

quest_pbchoc (4)I haven’t found a Quest bar w/ a taste that doesn’t greatly improves after a quick jaunt through the microwave. Hmm possibly the ones that are more fruity than chocolatey, I would imagine, wouldn’t be as good warmed. Squishifying them is the way I see it. Peanut Butter Chocolate (a heavenly combination always, in bar, candy, pie, cake, cookie, potato chip form) Quest has that same chew-chew-chew, will this ever end?? gummy texture, but the squishyfying it in the microwave helped a bit. The flavor is awesome hitting all the right notes of both of its titles namesakes, rather than being the mayor of peanut butter land, or the president of chocolate island.

quest_pbchoc (5)It’s too bad that I had my 6-month teeth cleaning yesterday b/c I can feel a nice Quest-coating on the backs of my upper teeth. Guess I’ll be hitting the floss after this one. 3/5





quest_pbchoc (2)

quest_pbchoc (3)

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