Quest S’mores: $2.50/Publix

quest_smores (5)Other than buying in bulk, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen individual Quest bars in any stores for any price other than $2.50. It’s a tough $$$-pill to swallow (and sometimes a tough bar to swallow as their texture can be both dry and gummy at the same time), but for how ridiculously nutritious that they are for you, I guess it’s worth it, and in the case of some of their flavors, also worth it.

quest_smores (4)S’mores, in my opinion, isn’t one of those flavors. I know that Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, S,mores
is one of their newer flavors and lots of folks rave about it, but I expected it to burst through my teeth w/ the actual taste of a s’more, but all I’m getting is chocolate. And jeez, the chocolate hunks in this bar are HUGE, but I also want to experience graham and burnt marshmallow and campfire and Kumbaya and all the other pleasant memories that s’mores bring out in me.

5 bites in, and I’m feeling more sluggish and more full. Quest bars do that to me. I keep trudging thru each slow and labored bite like Wesley through the fire swamp, and sometimes each chew continues to delight my tastebuds (I’m talking to YOU Cookies n’ Cream!) but this flavor just wasn’t all that great to me. 3/5

quest_smores (2) 

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