ThinkThin Salted Caramel: $1.99/CVS

thinkthin_saltedcaramel (4)So on an impulse (well, w/ an amoeba-list floating in the back of my head) I went into CVS for a few things. After squeaking my disapproval at the manager that’s baby seatbelt was broken, resulting in my having to juggle kiddo, hand-basket, and stuff, I made my way through the “grocery” section (what sane person would buy food-staples at a drugstore?? Cheerios for $4.99? Generic Saltines for $3.99?) and was surprised to see a few flavors or ThinkThins, albeit $0.30 more than in the grocery store.

thinkthin_saltedcaramel (5)Picked up a Think Thin Salted Caramel w/ 150 calories (from their “Lean Fiber” line) and while it has the exact same gummy texture as the other Think Thins, the flavor is really pronounced, in a good way, IF salty-sweet is your thing. It’s different enough to be interesting, tasty enough to be a repeat buy, and has decent nutritional specs to make me not feel a shred of guilt for chomping it in 4 bites. Highly unlikely that I’d buy it again at a drugstore though! But hey, I got out of there w/o buying Lip Smackers, hair jobbies, and over-priced tan-in-a-can (so I don’t leave for my beach trip next week w/ this nice translucent complexion that I’m rockin, despite having been outdoors doing yardwork lately.) 4/5

thinkthin_saltedcaramel (3) thinkthin_saltedcaramel (2)

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