ThinkThin Chunky Chocolate Peanut: $1.69/Kroger

thinkthin_pbchoc (6)It’s rare that I find a bar in the “Reese’s-Wannabe” flavor and not enjoy it. How can two such heavenly ingredients NOT come together perfectly? Well, I guess I exaggerate w/ “perfect” b/c ThinkThin Chunky Chocolate Peanut, while good in taste, still maintains that gummy quality that makes each bite laborious to finish. I’ll vex again about the name too, like “Skinny Cow”, “Skinny Girl”, “Skinny Stix”, “Skinny Pop”, “Skinny Bitch” this one uses the adjective “Thin.” What’s next, “Slender Cereal”? “Lithe Crackers”?

thinkthin_pbchoc (5)But so far, other than ThinkThin White Chocolate Cinnamon Bun, I enjoy the taste of ThinkThin’s Lean Fiber bars. The interior is slightly dense, though far from say, Quest-bar territory, and biting through the honestly delicious chocolate layer results in a peanut butter filling that could benefit from just a bit more texture,  possibly from actual peanuts. But other than the time that it takes to finish each bite, I liked this bar alot. 5/5

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