ThinkThin Honey Peanut Drizzle: $1.69/Kroger

thinkthin_honeydrizzle (4)I love words ending in “izzle” b/c all I want to do is make bad Snoop Dogg jokes, if you can even call them “jokes.” Where’s Snoop take his kids for dinner? The Sizzlah. And the original, I believe, why did Snoop leave the house w/ his umbrella? Fo’ drizzle. So as I open this ThinkThin Lean Fiber Honey Peanut Drizzle, all I can think is in no way would Snoop be caught dead eating something called “ThinkThin” and that after I eat this, I better get back to my mountain of laundry, b/c I need to wash my whites in some Bleeeeeeatch. Now it’s out of my system.

thinkthin_honeydrizzle (5)All I taste is peanuts / peanut butter! I’m really working these last bites like a smoker w/ Nicorette gum on an international flight, just trying to grasp at a hint of honey, but nope all I’m getting is peanuts. Peanut good, yes, but where’s my drizzle, fo shizzle? (Apologizzle.) If I didn’t read the wrapper, I’d think I was eating the ThinkThin “Peanut Butter Chocolate” flavor instead. It’s good, but for the price of these sold as singles, not good enough to warrant getting again. 2/5

thinkthin_honeydrizzle (2)

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