ThinkThin Chocolate Almond Brownie: $1.69/Kroger

thinkthin_chocalmond (3)I’ve enjoyed most of the ThinkThins I’ve tried; however, I won’t hide my giggly displeasure at such a stupid name. Did a Real Housewife come up w/ that? This flavor, like all of the other chocolate-enrobed ones, looks identical. Like a rippled chocolate bar. I like that the interior of Think Thin Chocolate Almond Brownie has plenty of almonds that you can both see and taste, spotted around the nougat (?) middle.

thinkthin_chocalmond (4)Do I feel less guilty, thinner, cheerful, satisfied, after eating this? Well, it’s on the cusp of that candy-bar land, but w/ its fiber content, has me feeling a bit more full and less indulgent. If only they could rebrand the bland, beige wrapper and give it a new name. Car manufacturers have all but run out of speedy animals, weather phenomenon, and land formations for their car names, and have resorted to just strings of numbers and letters. “Cool! You got the EX35!” Maybe the makers of protein bars and cars need to team up and start thinking like nail-polish color namers (I would LOVE to sit on a lunch w/ their creative team, naming all the colors of nail polish samples over sandwiches!) and work those brain-grapes to come up w/ better names. Maybe instead of ThinkThin, you name yourself after Roman deities. Or archaic botanist terms. 4/5

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