Kind Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew: $1.49/CVS

kind_blueberryalmond (5)Translucent wrappers are a nice thing; being able to spy the abundance of fruit and nuts in a Kind bar reassures me that I’m in for a treat. After opening the wrapper, I had to yank and wrestle to free this KIND Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew bar b/c it was SO sticky, it wouldn’t come free, like it wanted to stay nestled in its foil sleeping bag and Horrors! Not be consumed!

kind_blueberryalmond (3)Upon releasing the bar from its sticky confines transferred the stickiness to my fingers. Maybe I would’ve been better off leaving the bar in the wrapper and peeling it back burrito-style to keep my fingers clean. First thing I noticed was the abundance of blueberries! So many blueberries, and the best bite of them all was actually those that had almonds and not the berry-heaviness. Nothing tasted particularly artificial about this Kind bar at all, I just don’t think that they needed to be so very blueberry-ey. 3/5

kind_blueberryalmond (2)

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