ZonePerfect Kidz Fudge Brownie: $3.99/box of 5/Kroger

zoneperfectkidz_fudgebrownie (3)Kroger was running a “buy-5-qualifying-items-save-$5” and that included boxes of ZonePerfect Kid bars, no wait, it’s “Kidz” w/ a “z”, just like Clif’s kid “Z-bar”, I guess their marketing folks think that kids resonate w/ the letter “Z” in their snacks. Or in this case, treats. Seriously, this Zone Perfect Kidz Fudge Brownie flavor is way more of a brownie dessert than a protein bar. But what’s more mortifying is the ingredient list. I think it is the longest one that I’ve seen yet, taking up more than half of the back of the wrapper. The bar itself is small; slightly more than a Z-bar “Chocolate Brownie” which I ultimately prefer b/c of its dryness. The ZonePerfect one is too sticky, and has unnecessary white spots (white chocolate? nuts?) dotted throughout, giving it a more moldy look than anything. I can’t imagine giving this to either of my kids when I could just as easily give them a cheaper candy bar. 2/5


zoneperfectkidz_fudgebrownie (4)

zoneperfectkidz_fudgebrownie (2)

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