Zone Perfect Strawberry Yogurt: $1/Kroger

zoneperfect_yogurtstrawberry (1)My nose immediately chatters back to my brain (the nostalgic junior high corner of it), making me think “Strawberry Lip Smackers!” when I open this wrapper of Zone Perfect Strawberry Yogurt. The sweet, almost too much so, aroma assaults the two holes situated in the center of my face (that are framed by an unfortunately large nose) truly making me remember wearing Bonne Bell’s around my neck on shoelaces and re-applying all throughout the school day because I would lick half of the artificially-flavored chapstick off and constantly need more.

But as one shouldn’t eat chapstick, well, I wouldn’t recommend one to eat this flavor of Zone Perfect. I just doesn’t taste good. And the ingredient list is not reassuring me into believing it to be “Nutrition Bar” w/ a long, long list of unpronounceable things. I’m OK w/ the “vitamin and mineral blend” but if the taste doesn’t do it for me (sweet memories aside), then it’s unlikely I would unwrap one of these again. Give me a small container of plain Greek yogurt that I’ll stir some strawberries into instead. 3/5

zoneperfect_yogurtstrawberry (2)

zoneperfect_yogurtstrawberry (3)

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