Zone Perfectly Simple Toasted Coconut: $1/Kroger

zoneperfectsimple_toastedcoconut (9)Subtitled a “limited ingredient nutrition bar”, this seems like Zone Perfect’s answer to Lara Bar. While I’m not coconut’s biggest fan (maybe in a fruity cocktail or on a cake), I have to admit that this dense bar is really, really coconutty. Like the little threads seem to be getting stuck in my teeth, which I’m not complaining about. It’s a nice little flavor. I think they should’ve included “Almond” in the bar’s title (and possibly increased the spotted chunks of almond that are in the middle of the bar), b/c they really add a nice textural crunch and flavor. Dubbing it simply “Toasted Coconut” rather than “Toasted Coconut Almond” I guess is Zone’s way of retaining the “Simplified” status of this line of their bars, but honestly the almond part is really fantastic, and w/o it, I’d feel like I was eating a syrupy wad of coconut flakes. 3/5

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