Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Dark Chocolate: Kroger/Box of 12/$3.99

naturevalley_crunchydarkchoc (10)Every bite releases a spray of crumbs! This Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Dark Chocolate is the first of theirs to disappoint me. I’ll take the original Oats and Honey over this one any day b/c the dark chocolate is a faint afterthought. If I loved chocolate more, I’d feel awfully let down by the scrappy morsels in this bar. And “scrappy” is my new adjective for Joanna when I’m over using “sassy”, which I thinkĀ  is the new gentler version of “bratty.” So when your kid is bearing down on the paper so hard with her coloring pencil while drawing on my coffee table that I can see the imprint of doodles through onto the wood surface, I’ll sweetly say she’s sassy, but I really do think she’s a b-word. But not THE b-word; I’ll reserve that one for me when you’ve let your dog poo by my mailbox or when you took the dishes that you needed out of the clean dishwasher but left the rest unemptied so that later that day, I start loading dirties w/ the cleanies.

naturevalley_crunchydarkchoc (9)
I can never stress enough how ridiculously messy I find these particular Nature Valley bars to be. It’s great that there’s two in a package, but those two start feeling like they shred smaller and smaller and smaller into the equivalent of 1.5 bars due to how many teeny bits and pieces break off and scatter w/ every light movement that the bar takes from package to hand to mouth. 3/5



naturevalley_crunchydarkchoc (8)


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