Zone Perfectly Simple Oatmeal Chocolate Chip: $0.50/Kroger

zoneperfectsimple_oatchocchip (1)Only 10 ingredients, and of that list, I can pronounce and probably use those (or have used in the past) in the kitchen. I can work with that, Zone! Plus, it tastes way better than a similar product of a slightly lesser ingredient list. I like that I can readily see and taste the chocolate chips, and that the oats aren’t all loosey-goosey chunks. More like I’m eating a slightly-dry, compacted bowl of oatmeal made from quick cooking (not strangely artificially flavored instant) oats, and sprinkled with chocolate chips. I’m just noticing now that Zone changed the name of this bar to Perfectly Simple Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk, so I can only assume that the chips were chunkified and the rest is the same.

Not an overly sweet bar, but at 190 calories and having gotten it for $0.49 during a buy-10-save-more sale at Kroger, I would happily nosh on one of these Perfectly Simples again. Should be Zimple. 4/5

zoneperfectsimple_oatchocchip (4)  zoneperfectsimple_oatchocchip (3)

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