Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Nut: $1/Kroger

luna_whitechocmacadamia (5)(With splashy sticker on the wrapped declaring, “New! Recipe Contains Cashews!”) Clif really knows how to manufacture an attractive-looking bar. I’ve never unwrapped one of their products from any line and not seen lovely drizzles, chunky oats, fruity bits, or any other delicious accoutrements. And Luna White Chocolate Macadamia is no exception.
luna_whitechocmacadamia (4)
The bottom is a nice layer of white chocolate, along w/ the white chocolate drizzle across the top of the golden, sticky oats, dotted with both macadamia, and apparently now w/ cashews too. It’s the long ingredient list, which includes so many things that I either can’t pronounce, nor could I purchase and recreate in my kitchen, that irks me. The same can be said for nearly all candy bars, which is why I find myself grabbing for bars w/ fewer and fewer ingredients these days, or occasionally doctoring up my own (sometimes total fails) in my kitchen. Who am I kidding though – this bar tastes AWESOME. I know white chocolate isn’t as popular as its brown buddy, but Clif really does a nice job w/ it here, each bite as good as the last, and the next, and the next, and all gone. 5/5

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