Luna Protein Chocolate Cherry Almond: $1.49/Whole Foods

luna_choccherryalmondprotein (1)I didn’t even know that this flavor of Luna Protein bar existed until I saw it hiding on the (drool-worthy-lonnnnng) shelf at Whole Foods! It looks like any other Luna Protein from the outside (i.e. chocolate log) with ripples, but when I bite into it, urgh, the cherry taste is just a powerful sense of childhood cough syrup. Now I could jump on board w/ childhood flavors of Shirley Temples, w/ cocktail cherries bobbing on top, or speared on miniature swords, but no, this sad flavor of Luna was too heavy on the artificial cherry, and too light on the almonds.
luna_choccherryalmondprotein (4)
If I’m not mistaken, this is the 1st Luna Protein w/ a chunky addition to it (i.e., the almonds), while the rest have smooth interiors, and I have to say, I personally dig it, but I think Clif should leave the texture additions to their classic Luna bars, and keep the Luna Proteins smooth, for consistency. I just never expect to bite into a Luna Protein and actually get a bite-bite of something. From my chompers’ perspective, it’s a tasty surprise, but doesn’t quite follow the mold of the other flavors. 2/5

luna_choccherryalmondprotein (5)

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