KIND Nuts & Spices Madagascar Vanilla Almond: $1/CVS

kind_madagascarvanilla (4)If you like nuts, KIND Madagascar Vanilla & Almond definitely belongs in your cabinet. I feel like my teeth are catching each hunk of nut and every glossy goop of honey that’s holding all four types of nuts together, which’ll send me bolting for the brush and floss afterwards. Doubtful that I’d eat a Kind Nut & Spice bar on the go w/o keeping that in mind. And I actually bought this “on the go” when I randomly was in a CVS and saw it on their impulse end-cap near the check-out. Isn’t that nice when something is w/in reach that’s good for you in comparison to the typical check-out aisle rainbow “buy-meeeeeeeeeeee” candies? The vanilla in this tastes awesome; nothing like the brown-stained bottle that’s squashed b/t spices jars in the cabinet over my microwave, the vanilla extract therein I never really measure – just kinda splash and sprinkle into any baked good that I’m making. But speaking of teeth, I’d rather not break or chip a tooth biting into one of these, so as dainty as I feel doing this, I’ve cut it into several bite-size squares, well, as nicely as one can cut thru all those nuts w/o the entire thing falling apart. 3/5
kind_madagascarvanilla (3)

kind_madagascarvanilla (2)

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