Lara Uber Dark Chocolate Peanut Sea Salt: $1/Kroger

larauber_dkchocpeanut (3)Super-sticky and hard to wrestle from the wrapper, but worth the wicked-wonderful wrangle. I haven’t been blown away by too many Lara bars, but this one is just unreal in its decadence; the dark chocolate goop that holds all the nuts together, the chunk of dark chocolate and the perfect bite of sea salt. This is way too dessert-y and rich to be a morning snack bar for me. I can’t imagine what its condition would be if it sat in my car, or anywhere not room temperature, b/c tucked away in my panty, it was still a glop and glue mess to eat. I don’t mind messy food, but not on the go, so this is an eat-at-home kinda bar, and better yet, eat as dessert, not  alongside my morning, ummm 3rd cup? of coffee.
larauber_dkchocpeanut (4)
This coffee mug that I’m drinking out of is huge, and totally stained on the inside w/ cracks and coffee discoloration, but I don’t care, it’s one of my tried and true favorites. I got it at Caribou Coffee back in the late ’90s when that was my hangout to play Spades and drink over-priced, overly-sweetened drinks that people seem to go crazy for at Starbucks. Maybe it was my younger metabolism, but I can’t imagine slurping down 500+ calories in just a beverage, at $5 a pop. But this mug, ahhh my Caribou mug w/ whimsical, water-color images of cheerful bears walking in front of purple mountains w/ dotted stylized stars in the sky. Everybody has a mug that makes him or her smile (and smile wider when the caffeine contained therein kicks in), and this is that mug for me. Good memories of whomping people in Spades on the patio of Caribou. 4/5

larauber_dkchocpeanut (2)

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