KIND Nuts & Spices Pecan Cinnamon: $1.49/Publix

kind_nutsspices_pecancinnamon (1)I love bars w/ translucent packaging. I’d much rather see what’s inside than another comical and colorful depiction of the bar’s flavors splashed across the metallic wrapper. Kind Bars provide me w/ that window into their coatings and glossy innards and chunky doohickies. KIND Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan captured all of that, cosmetically: I see a dark chocolate layer on the bottom (much thinner than in actuality, which I’m seeing is a trend in all bars that have that wider-on-the-outside bottom layer of chocolate), the diagonal drizzle across the top, a highly-glazed finish, and lots and lots of hunks of pecan.
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Unfortunately when I bite into this bar, all I taste is heavy cinnamon. I know it’s in the flavor’s title, but c’mon, it’s the last word. And OOF, I almost just chipped a tooth on my second bite, trying to gnaw through a nut. The last bar that I had w/ cinnamon in it was ThinkThin’s White Chocolate Cinnamon Bun, and I’m getting the same sense here that their factories are putting out major cinna-love b/c once again, I feel like I’m eating a small piece of chocolate, followed by a gob of Big Red gum. Cinnamon is a nice spice, but maybe best in well, gums, red hot candies, or holiday baked goods. 3/5

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