Larabar Cashew Cookie: $1/Kroger

larabar_cashewcookie (4)2 ingredients is impressive. Taste, not so much. I’d rather eat a handful of cashews and dates trail-mix style than a mashed-up Larabar Cashew Cookie. And mine came out of the wrapper in the shape of a rhombus, which is fine because it gave me a chance to give Joanna a quick math lesson in shapes other than the sing-songy ones that we teach her baby sister. “This is a red square!” No wait, my Larabar is a rhombus. What fun to say … rhombus. It’d be more fun if I could roll my “arrr matey’s”, but alas, I’ve never been able to achieve that particular sound.
larabar_cashewcookie (5)
What not fun to eat though. I didn’t want to finish it. I know the paleo crowd love Larabars, and the simplicity of their ingredients is definitely note-worthy, but again, it’s just as convenient for me to reach into a bag of cashews and dates, as it is to unpeel one of these bars. Plus, the fruit and nuts could be eaten in slow nibbles w/ the right ratio of sweet(ish) to salty, whereas this bar is one straight goop texture of tastelessness. 2/5

larabar_cashewcookie (3)

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