Luna Nutz Over Chocolate: $1/Kroger

luna_nutzoverchoc (3)Why the “z” for plural. It’s like xTreme snacks! “Z” and “X” make everything out-of-this-world! I think, in the packaged food domain, those 2 letters belong on overly-sugary children’s cereal boxes, and maybe w/ other small exceptions, words that actually employ those letters, like “Almond Extract.” So nope, Clif, I don’t like you pluralizing my Nuts with a Z on this Luna bar.
luna_nutzoverchoc (4)
Letz taste it. It comes as no surprise that Luna Nutz Over Chocolate is one of the most popular Luna bars. The chocolate layer is just right and the crunchy, oatey, nutty guts of the bar have the perfect texture to not be overly crunchy nor gummy nor gluey nor fall-apartey. Like I can take a bite and not have shards of it spew forth from Mouth Ticia. Sure, it’s closer to candy bar than granola bar, but 9 g. of protein is fine by me, the size, as w/ all original Luna bars, is just right, and I feel satisfied after finishing it. Xtra yummerz. 5/5

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