Luna Protein Lemon Vanilla: $1/Kroger

luna_lemonvanillaprotein (4)Woah, I wasn’t expecting the bar to be so ghostly-white, nor (bite, swallow) so sweet in an artificial lemonade drink mix way. Seriously, this is what a lemonade stand tastes like if I were to chew it, and if the kid manning (or womanning) said stand was also giving out squares of white chocolate to chase the lemonade, or vice-versa.
luna_lemonvanillaprotein (1)
I like Clif Z-bar’s lemon protein for kids, but this Luna lemon vanilla is just not good to me. Nor am I ever thrilled w/ the size of Luna protein bars. They look (and usually taste) way too much like a candy bar, and I don’t know if the 12g. of protein is entirely worth it. Well, that is unless you’re a Luna Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Those are SICK BRO. Which reminds me, what’s up w/ the “Jesus Saves. Bro.” shirts that I keep seeing on both kids and adults on FB? 2/5


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