Larabar Jocalat Chocolate Hazelnut: $1/Kroger

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I don’t know why I am skeezed out by the wrapper calling this a “chocolate food bar” – it somehow reminds me of Velveeta calling itself “processed cheese food” even though I know that there is NO comparison. I mean, this Jocalat bar has natural, and very few, ingredients unlike neon orange faux-cheese. But while I’d rather eat apiece of fresh, crumbly super-sharp natural cheese as opposed to its not-found-in-nature distant cousin Velveeta, I think I’d rather eat a chocolate-covered hazelnut rather than this bar.
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Its a dense, small 3″ bar that resembles a spotted turd, but to be fair, most of the limited ingredient bars that have cocoa powder DO look like rectangular, slightly-misshapen poops. I thought the 1st bite was pretty good, but that’s about as far as my enjoyment of it went. The next few bites were increasingly dull, and gummy. I wanted more hazelnut, and could see them, but just didn’t get their pronounced flavor. Should’ve been called chocolate “sorta-nut food bar.” 2/5


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