Fiber d’Lish Peanut Chocolate Chip: $1.69/Vitamin Shoppe

fiberdlish_pbchoc (1)I love soft-baked bars, and desperately miss Luna Soft-baked Fiber bars, especially the dark chocolate raspberry one. Fiber D’lish (also known as Fiber Love, Gnu, and I’m not sure what their 1st names were…) were supposed to fill the gap in my heart and the hole in my stomach when Clif discontinued the soft Lunas, but so far, only one flavor actually tastes good to me, and folks, it is NOT this one.
fiberdlish_pbchoc (4)
I barely taste peanut butter. I barely taste chocolate. The texture is great; gummy, chewy, a hint of a tiny textural crunch here or there. But the flavor is beyond subtle. I don’t need heavy sugary sweet or salty savory, but at least give me a taste of what your label says you are. I’ll go back to Fiber D’lish Chocolate Brownie b4 ever eating this one again. But I always need a few days’ break b/t these heavy fiber bars b/c well, you know. /pffffft. <– That is a cute, girlish toot, one that smells of Victorian nosegays of lilacs and baby’s breath. 3/5

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