Clif Chocolate Brownie: $1/Kroger

clif_chocbrownie (1)Brownie, brownie, brownie, every bar brand has its version of you. The “kid” counterpart to this is the Zbar’s brownie which is WAY better in my opinion. This one just doesn’t taste nearly as good, and I’m surprising myself by saying this, but it’s not sweet enough.
clif_chocbrownie (4)
The back of the wrapper is Adventure Challenge No. 10 “Chase the sunrise” which, I may have well have done this morning, waking up at 4:48 for the baby. She goes thru spells of great nights of sleep, and fitful nights, cheerful giggly nights, and “feed-me-cuddle-me-MEMEMEMEME” nights. Last night hovered b/t fitful and cheerful, as she was sitting up smiling in her crib, but equally fussy about laying back down. But hark! There was no sunrise to actually chase b/c it is a stormy day, so I’ll settle for finishing my dark brown Clif log that doesn’t taste enough like a brownie to me and go run errands, maybe to buy the ingredients to make black bean brownies b/c daaaaaaaaaang I haven’t had those in awhile. 2/5

clif_chocbrownie (2)

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