FiberOne S’mores

Recently had the pleasure of going to Candytopia, a limited-city offering of whimsical interactive candy museum pleasure. Why I thought stashing bars in my purse for my girls was a good idea is beyond me, as each room in the Willy Wonka artistic acid-trip experience provided candies to sample (not plucked from the displays as we were so gently warned about during the introduction before the doors opened just as our jaws opened, both in delight and in anticipation of the candy we’d get to try too.) More to my disappointment was that these bars were taking up much-needed real estate in my ill-chosen small purse. (Fiber One S’mores bars, as it were, and while I DO love this bar, the marshmallows in it can’t even compare in the slightest to the room in Candytopia that was a gigantic pit of marshmallows to leap around in. Kindly note that these weren’t edible marshmallows because well, that would be just sticky and gross.)

So after trying our best to not whip through Candytopia too quickly because we were also reminded that once you leave one room, you can’t return to it, we finished up just this close but not quite to lunchtime, and I needed sustenance that wasn’t of the sugar variety, so I ate my Fiber One bar in the car. Did I look at the sugar content that I so thoughtfully photograph and post here on the nutrition label? Well, no, but I figured it was a better alternative to tide me over til lunch than the candy samples spilling out of my purse. And while my ears were still ringing with the enthusiastic staff’s repetitive “It’s a Marshmallow Pit, it’s a Marshmallow Pit!” song, I did still enjoy eating this bar because if anything, it reminds me of a good campfire, and our Candytopia visit was on an exceptionally windy and chilly day. I can always go for camping in cooler spring temperatures, but hey, it’s Georgia where we go straight from winter to summer with a brief mild- temped respite in between, and anything to conjure up campfire childhood nostalgia is good by me. Candytopia proved, at least for this adult, that there’s no reason not to act childlike sometimes, and seeing other parents there, staring blankly at their phones in boredom just made me sad. Maybe they were grumpy because they needed a bar, and if I’d had shared mine, it would’ve freed up purse space.

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