Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate

While the Greek gods may not have drank cherry-infused libations, the dark chocolate and cherry polka dots in a Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate bar still remind me of dominoes or dice, hence the “Roll the Die-onysus” doodle. My brief entry last year into the murky realm of dating apps found me on more than a few occasions in bars (no casinos, unfortunately because that would’ve been proved more entertaining than several of my more peculiar dates) and on several of those occasions, I, to my better judgement, chose wine over beer, thinking I can stretch one glass of wine over an hour versus the easier for me to enjoy, sometimes too quickly, frothy brew. Thank ye gods, one of these dates resulted in a steady bf who enthusiastically played an old favorite dice game of mine over a sticky hi-top bar, much to the amusement of the servers. This 5-piece faded and fun set of dice is called Cosmic Wimpout, a game I’ve owned for 20+ years, frequently dumping its small felt drawstring pouch of dice to rattle and tinkle across a bar’s surface, frantically chasing one if it rolls off, cheering shamelessly when I kick his ass.

On one of these bold, blind-date bar breaks, I reluctantly accepted an overly-sweet chocolate-dusted martini with a skewer of cherries lounging on the sugar-crusted rim; a dessert in a glass that left my head throbbing from the sweet booze (swooze, if you will, although don’t mistake that for “swoon” as, if I recall correctly, the date was far from swoon-worthy, confiding in me his SMILF-fetish within 10 minutes of a handshake.) In a much healthier chewed version, free of the following day being hungover or ghosted, a Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate Bar was much preferred, not only to the drink but also to that particular memory. I think I’ll opt for Cosmic Wimpout with beer over Dating Apps (that might as well be the same as gambling in a casino) and wine and/or cherry-flavored drinks. While a chocolate bar doesn’t compliment the taste of beer, I can still happily eat this Kashi one anytime of the day knowing that my gaming days are now ghost-text-free (unless I’m playing my 1986 board game classic “Ghost”) and instead filled with a nice dice-playing dude. 4/5

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