Kind Strong Hickory Smoked: $1.49/Kroger

kind_hickorysmoked (3)I pulled a Strong & KIND Hickory Smoked bar out this morning to eat w/ my coffee and thought to myself, “eww girl eww, hickory will in no way complement coffee!” so I held onto it til around lunchtime, which is coincidental enough that I have leftover hickory smoked turkey from last night’s dinner to fix on a sammich. My mother-in-law sent us thisĀ  chubby Pittman Davis fully-cooked turkey last November, which I found odd b/c of course we were going to be preparing a full Thanksgiving meal that month w/ turkey-turkey, so I put hers in our freezer for what we like to call “Fakesgiving.”


kind_hickorysmoked (4)Around early summer, we like to have a mini-Thanksgiving dinner w/o all the bell and whistles and family and drama and starches and sugars. So last night it was the Pittman Davis turkey, sweet potato fries, basil green beans w/ cherry tomatoes, and cranberry sauce. To my husband’s disappointment, no gravy and instant-mashed potatoes this time around. The turkey was good, but strangely enough, tasted and looked like ham.

This KIND bar neither resembles nor tastes like ham. More like it tastes as if a bottle of Liquid Smoke became Solid Smoke (I almost typed “Solid Snake” and got to thinking, I wonder if my Playstation would work on an HD TV and I could play some old-school Metal Gear Solid?) I dig the pepitas, but that’s about it. I applaud KIND for offering a savory bar in a market full of fruity and chocolatey ones, but holy smokes is this thing hickory smoked. I think I’d rather have my Fakesgiving sammie. 1/5

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