Clif Builder’s Chocolate Hazelnut

It must be the Apocalypse! Or in the case of my drawing, the Apocalips! I have returned to re-build rectanglefood, after a way-too-long absence. Amidst what felt like my life crumbling, similar to that of a city laid to waste due to fiery ruination, I shuffled around priorities and unfortunately, my Dear Protein Bar Diary blew in the wind with the ashes. With the help of Clif Builder’s bar, I can rise like a phoe…, no, I can’t use anymore cliche expressions, like a pho, a bowl of steaming pho from the ashes. While a Clif Builder Chocolate Hazelnut bar bears no similarity to that of a warm noodley herby helping of pho, I can be thankful for the comforting warmth of the family and friends who’ve helped me re-build my life, and Clif’s vast array of protein products for satisfying my hunger and providing much needed protein when I’ve been busy with the not-as-devastating parts of my life from the past year such as …

Setting up and settling in a new house! That’s been a big part of the past year, adjusting to just the girls and I living in our new home. And another warm snuggly side of that has been the addition of a new beau in my life, who’s helped out with many of the side projects in the house that I am ashamed to say, I’ve played the girl card on to avoid doing. (The only kind of bar that he likes is the kid-friendly Quaker Chewy bar that I buy in the ginormous Costco boxes to share.) I won’t doom-and-gloom here with all of the events that have transpired over the past year, but I’d like to think that those sassy four pairs of lips riding away from the wrecked city are my daughters, boyfriend and I leaving the past in the past. So I’m now hoping to, at the very least, gradually re-build this long-forgotten blog and should any stragglers still be lingering to read, I’ll leave you with this for now: if it’s the end of the world, may you have stocked up on bars, whether Clif or Quaker or any other brand, because they’re small and portable and in the case of a Clif Builder’s, very filling (Chocolate Hazelnut was surprisingly tasty – a 4.5/5 from me), and start your day like you’re opening a gift, even if the gift isn’t a foil wrapper on a bar being torn into, because the present IS a present.

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