Go Macro Caramel Cashew

One of our favorite things to do to words at our house is add “ee” (and occasionally alliterated or rhyming additional syllables) to the end upping the cute quotient of pronounciation, and in some cases, hopefully inspiring a tempermental toddler to be encouraged to behave. Eat your eggs? No, they’re eggies. Naptime? Nope, it’s time for a nappy-wappy. Time to go, put on shoes? Go get your shoe-eez! So when it came to sharing a Go Macro Cashew Caramel bar, I actually found myself biting into it with mumbled enjoyement at its very convincing and delicious flavor and texture of Cashew-eez.

Louise is determined to put her shoe-eez and sockie-wockies on herself (and only on occasion, put them away at the end of the day) and this can add 15 minutes onto our leave-the-house routine because she gets weepy and squeaky, refuses tips suggestion or help, and if a sockie-wockie becomes tangled or inside out, she has to go retrieve a different pair of socks, or the worst of them all, the seam along the toe isn’t lined up just right. Most socks end up mis-matched, or several go missing in the vortex of the dryer, only to occasionally be found in the elastic corner of a fitted bedsheet. If shoes and socks are on in a timely manner before school, around the time that I’m itch-ee for a bar, then I’ll share, and in the case of yesterday morning, we shared the Go Macro Cashew Caramel bar. It was chew-ee and taste-ee, but the color reminded me of any number of the bottom of Louise’s socks that had seen better days, or rather too many playfully-sweaty and dirty playground days. 4/5

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