Publix Premium Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate

Now I’m not sure if it’s fair to be trying out store-brand bars, but Publix is a widely-enough recognized store that I figure it’s OK. The packaging resembles that of Kind Bars with 1/3 of it being translucent, along with a tagline on the back in bold, “Just real ingredients you can see. Taste. Feel.” Well I can see them and that’s good (the chocolate and the nuts, that is), but I’m not sure how I feel, about the feel part. I don’t want people in the grocery store jabbing their fingers on each and every bar, testing them out like the ripeness of a piece of fruit. But OMG in the case of this bar, I WISH I’d been able to feel it 1st because it is a TOTAL brick! I think I’m going to break a tooth on each bite, and woe is the person (such as myself) who has a glued-on permanent retainer, or /shudder/ braces, b/c this is a complete nightmare to bite into Rock hard, but admitedly tasty, once my mouth juices soften the whole thing. Veers into candy bar territory in its sweetness. But not something that I’d try again, and moreso since it would require a trip to Publix which I don’t do as frequently as Kroger.

I make the occasional Publix trip for the side counter of clearance Slashed items, my personal Publix Paradise City, where I can farm out some fun items on the cheap cheep. See what I did there, with my drawing; explaining a joke always makes it much more funny. Going to Publix means only using a hand basket to ensure that I only got the few items that I normally wouldn’t find at Kroger, like stinky-til-rinsed Natsoya shirataki noodles, 34 Crackers in rosemary, and all the whackadoo extreme flavors of Goldfish crackers that I can’t find anywhere else. This Publix KIND-wannabe could tear out my permanent retainer or Louise’s baby teeth, and THAT, my sweet child o’ mine, can wait til they fall out on their own . 1/5

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